A downloadable game for Windows

A Game Submitted to the GMTK game jam

Disclaimer: The game was also submitted to the GM48, hope that's okay, I saw nothing against it in the rules here or on the GM48 website, sorry if it isn't.

A game about you surviving enemies trying to kill you, while your only way to defend yourself can kill you.

By shooting, you shrink. When enemies attack you, you shrink. You lost when you shrunk into nothingness. The only way to grow back, even bigger than before, is to catch your projectiles, which bounce off walls and grow as they kill enemies.

My submission matches the theme because shooting serves multiple purposes, it is your way to defend yourself, but also to grow back and heal. It clears an area and creates an objective. It's also dangerous because if you don't catch your projectile back, you shrunk and are closer to death.

The game was intended to run on Windows.

Third-party resources utilized:

  • Game Maker Studio 2
  • BFXR

Only one contributor : Antoine Basseto

Hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Unzip the package and run the executable.


Shooting Kills You.zip 1 MB

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